What are incisors?

Incisors are the four front teeth in your mouth, top and bottom. They are broad, flat teeth with a narrow edge. They are designed for cutting off pieces of food ("incise" means to cut). The two incisors in the center of your mouth, top and bottom, are central incisors. The teeth of each side of these central incisors are lateral incisors.
Jonathan B. Levine, DMD
There are two kinds of incisors, lateral and central. The lateral incisors live next to the canines, one per quadrant. The centrals are the two flattest and widest teeth and they dominate (or should ideally dominate) the smile, front and center. (There are also two central incisors on the bottom but, unlike the upper centrals, the lower ones are just part of the lower lineup and aren’t nearly as visible). While their sharp edges are good for cutting, they are vulnerable, and the most likely to be injured. Great centrals are what make a great smile a great smile. If you've got a pair of big, healthy centrals, you've most likely already got a great smile.
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