How do I become aware of how I talk to myself?

You become aware of negative self talk by being very conscious of what you say and think. One way of becoming conscious is through writing; for example, a diary or a journal. Another way of being conscious of what you say is by asking other people around you. Once you are aware of what you are saying and thinking it's helpful to write that down, figure out how it's affecting you and then change it. Here is an exercise for you to try, put 20 pennies in your left pocket. Each time you recognize saying or thinking something negative, take one of those pennies from your left pocket and put it in your right pocket. At the end of the day check and see how many pennies are in each pocket. This will give you good information on how much you say or think that is negative.
Darren Treasure, PhD
Sports Medicine
For the next 3 days keep a journal of everything you say to yourself. That’s right – every time you notice yourself talking to yourself note down when it happened, what you said, and the affect it had on the way you felt or thought at that moment. This simple journaling exercise will enhance your awareness and understanding of the situations that tend to induce self-talk and what you tend to say to yourself in these situations. You’ll quickly become aware of how often you talk to yourself and, more importantly, the powerful affect this inner dialogue or chatter has on how you think, feel and behave.      

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