As a teen, how would public school be different from a private school?

I think it would be important to look at specific schools when answering this question. I have worked in several public schools and even though they were all public schools, they were very different from one another. I think the same could be said when comparing a private school to another private school. I would recommend to any teen considering changing from one school to another to visit the schools and compare how well the schools do in several areas: 

  • What is the school's mission and vision and do the students attending that school feel the school is successful in meeting their mission and vision?
  • What is the school's success rate for college and technical schools' entrance?
  • Talk to some students,  find out how they feel about school climate (do they feel safe?  do they feel their teachers/school staff care about them?  do they feel they are getting the best from their education?)

One major difference between private school and public school is cost to attend. Public schools do not charge tuition unless you are applying to a public school outside the school district you live in. Some private school tuition is quite costly. Would you be able to get a comparable schooling at the public school as compared to the private school?  Sometimes, students feel their school is not a fit for them and when they transfer to a private school, they feel more at ease and ready to learn. Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter descriptions of schools to give you...if you would like more information about a specific school, I advise you do your "homework"!

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