How can I manage working part-time after school?

Claire Welch

School and work responsibilities can be difficult to juggle successfully. During my many years as a high school nurse, I have seen students approach this situation in different ways. A big question to ask yourself is: "How well am I managing my school responsibilities without the added burden of a work schedule?" If you are having difficult managing your time with school demands, adding a job in addition will probably not help you do better in school. Time management is a key to  being successful with both a job and school. How many hours do you plan on working? Less hours are probably better if your time management skills need some work. And, don't forget about your social life, as teens take on job responsibilities their amount of free time for friends and family lessen. I've known teens that started work and rather than have their time with friends be reduced, they spend less time on school work. This choice tends to result in grades suffering. I've also know teens that have worked diligently on their time management skills and organized their days so they can enjoy good grades, quality friend and family time, and 20 hours of work a week. If you are not sure about your own abilities to manage time, you might  consider starting work slowly with a job requiring less time, for example, try working only 4 hours per week and see how you do. If you do fine, then gradually add hours. Worries about your time management skills can be helped by approaching an adult with knowledge of study skills, organization and time management techniques. Guidance counselors, trusted teachers, and parents can help when asked directly about getting organized. 

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