Can I get into college if I'm home-schooled?

Stephanie Adams
Social Work
DEFINITELY! I did. I was home-schooled and not only got into college but into a master's program in counseling after that. The biggest thing to overcome is making sure you have completed the right coursework in high school for the college you are trying to enter. Have your mom check with the local school district for the required courses to graduate high school.
After that, you want to make sure you have taken the standardized test  favored by the college of your choice: ACT or SAT. I recommend, a SAT prep course started by a homeschool mom that helps students earn scholarships to pay for college through outstanding test scores. Check it out!
Call the colleges you're interested in and talk to an admissions counselor. Some schools may give you a hard time for being home-schooled, but I think many more welcome home-schooled students. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised by how eager they are to work with your situation.
Good luck!

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