Why is text message harassment common among children and teens?

Shawn Edgington
One of the newest silent epidemics in the world of mobile messaging is textual harassment, a form of harassment sent by text message with the intent to threaten physical harm, harass, or bully. Across America, parents have growing concerns and are desperate for answers on how to protect their children from bullies who deliver malicious and cruel threats by text. Why has the popularity of textual harassment grown at such an alarming rate?
  • Instant and Accessible -- 75 percent of US children between the ages of twelve and seventeen have a cell phone.
  • Hide Behind Technology -- two out of three teen texters say they are more likely to use their cell phones to send a message versus face-to-face confrontation.
  • One in four teens admit they have been called names, harassed, or have put someone down by text message.
  • Most parents are unaware their child is being harassed.

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