How can I help my teen to reduce stress?

Michele Borba
You can help your teen to reduce stress as follows: Bring on the tunes. Suggest that they load their iPod with music that helps them tune out and relax.

Exercise: Walking. Bike riding. Rowing. Swimming. Playing basketball. Encourage your son or daughter to take advantage of the health facilities that are usually on a college campus.

Get some yoga on. Adolescents credit yoga as teaching relaxation and breath control. So why not do it with them? Purchase a yoga DVD that you can do at home together, or invite another parent and teen to join and make it a weekly routine.

Loads of homework, social pressures and self image issues can all contribute to stress of a teen. 

  • Encourage your teen to explore a new hobbie outside of school. Writing, art classes or learning to play an instrument will help to reduce strss.
  • Take up a new phsical activity whether it be a dance class, horseback riding or surfing. Help them to discover what they love.  Any kind of physical activity helps everyone reduce stress.
  • Join a teen group at your local church or within your community.  Relating with teens in a social situation outside of school is healthy and can give new perspective to your teen.


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