How can I make healthy fruit tea?

Ms. Ashley Koff, RD
Nutrition & Dietetics
Here are some things to consider when making fruit tea:

1. Any Fruit Tea recipe that calls for black tea and claims to be caffeine-free naturally is misleading. Black tea has naturally occurring caffeine! So, if you're caffeine sensitive, be sure to double-check the recipe.

2. If you want to use fruit juice in your Fruit Tea, cut down on the ratio to 3 parts tea, one part juice. This will dramatically decrease the amount of sugar you're consuming.

3. The quality of your produce directly relates to the health benefits you receive. Make sure you choose organic to ensure you get the most antioxidants possible so you don't wind up ingesting additional chemicals.

Put the fruit in Fruit Tea! Use frozen organic fruit versus ice cubes or puree a small serving of fruit to add to a tea. If you follow what the recipe does get right, using herbs and spices can make a fruit tea a nutrient-packed delicious drink. Just make sure to account for the carbohydrates of the fruit used by pairing it with a handful of protein and healthy fat rich nuts for a perfect eating occasion.

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