What are some common triggers for toddlers’ temper tantrums?

You certainly can’t prevent all tantrum triggers, all the time. But you can try to keep them in mind throughout your day with your toddler -- and possibly prevent some tantrums as a result. Here are some common situations that can trigger toddler meltdowns:

  •   Not enough physical activity during the day
  •   Too many “forbidden” things or activities in the environment
  •   Frustration at inability to do something (e.g., speech, coordination, dexterity, size)
  •   Too many people and/or too much noise in the environment
  •   Unfamiliar or disliked people in the environment, especially if they want something from the toddler, like a kiss
  •   Major change in routine or environment
  •   Sleepiness
  •   Hunger or thirst
  •   Illness, teething pain, ear infection
  •   Potty conflicts and frustrations
  •   Parent “tuned out,” busy, not paying attention to what toddler needs
  •   Parents trying to accomplish too many “adult” tasks with toddler (e.g., adult conversations)
  •   Activity overload (e.g., too much TV)
  •   Environment is too active or chaotic (e.g., dinnertime, kids running around, TV on, neighbors coming and going)
Alan Greene, MD
Many of the meltdowns children experience between about 9 and 30 months old arise from the frustration of not being able to communicate. Their ideas far outstrip their language skills. The "terrible twos" are less terrible the more children learn how to get across their intense and conflicting thoughts. Baby signs and tools like my KidGlyphs app are a wonderful way to do this. Children are also likely to have tantrums -- or, as I like to call them, "emotional storms" -- when they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable, or over-stimulated. Be proactive about meeting these physical needs and, again, try to communicate with your child to understand when these needs are not being met.

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