What are common complications of swine flu?

One common complication of swine flu is pneumonia, a lung infection caused by bacteria or virus. This can be a serious, even life-threatening, infection, especially for people with weak immune systems or people with chronic diseases. In addition, respiratory problems, even failure, can occur as a complication of swine flu that requires a doctor's attention. Those with asthma, diabetes, or congestive heart failure may find that their condition is aggravated by swine flu.

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How can I protect myself from swine flu?
Discovery HealthDiscovery Health
Aside from a vaccine, protecting against the swine flu is similar to guarding against seasonal flu. ...
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How is the H1N1 flu treated?
NewYork-Presbyterian HospitalNewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Healthy people who have the H1N1 virus typically have mild illness and do not need medical care or a...
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How do other illnesses affect swine flu?
Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, or kidney problems, increase your r...
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How long does swine flu last?
Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)Honor Society of Nursing (STTI)
The symptoms of swine flu (H1N1), including fever, chills, cough, and body aches, last about eight d...
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