How long will I be contagious if I have the H1N1 flu?

If you have H1N1 flu, or any other type of influenza, you are contagious for five to seven days after your symptoms first started. You are also contagious one day before you feel symptoms.
Lisa M. Owens, MD
Internal Medicine
People infected with seasonal and novel H1N1 flu are most likely to infect others from one day before getting sick to 24 hours after fever resolves (without the use of fever-reducing medication). The virus can be “shed” (or can be spread even without symptoms) for longer time periods in some people, especially people with weakened immune systems and children.
If you have the H1N1 virus, you are contagious (meaning that you are able to spread the disease) typically beginning the day before you start feeling sick until about 5 to 7 days later. In young children and people with a weak immune system, the contagious period may last longer.

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