What type of nasal surgery can help treat repeated sinus infections?

Surgery is not typically the answer when trying to treat repeated sinus infections (sinusitis), but there are some scenarios when surgery can be indicated. Some of these include severe polyposis (presence of several polyps), erosions reaching to the bony tissue, or sinusitis that returns despite medical treatment. If surgery is appropriate there are a couple of options, including Functional Endoscopic surgery (FESS) or sinus ostial dilation. FESS is an endoscopic procedure in which tissue is removed in an attempt to restore/create normal anatomy.

Sinus ostial dilation is a procedure where the sinuses are dilated using a balloon, but no tissue is removed. The goal of both of these procedures is to restore the functional anatomy of the sinuses and to improve sinus drainage, with an ultimate goal of preventing recurrent/chronic sinusitis. It is important to remember that there are very few circumstances where surgery is the first line treatment for chronic/recurrent sinusitis.
The sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones near your nose and eyes. Unusual bone structure or tissue growth in your sinuses may lead to repeated sinus infections. If other treatments have not helped, your doctor may perform sinus surgery (also called functional endoscopic sinus surgery, or FESS).

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