What are the advantages of robotic surgery for colorectal conditions?
Advantages of robotic surgery for colorectal conditions include less chance of surgical infection and adhesions and a quicker recovery time. Watch this video with Mallik Piduru, MD from Oak Hill Hospital to learn more.
Robotic surgery for colorectal conditions allows for easier access to the pelvis and more complex procedures. In this video, Leonardo Espinel, MD from StoneSprings Hospital Center, discusses the advantages to this type of surgery.
Using robotic surgery for colorectal conditions gives surgeons a clearer view of the pelvis and better identification of structures in the body, says Frank Candela, MD, with West Hills Hospital & Medical Center. Learn more in this video. 
Kerrie R. Bossard, MD
Colorectal Surgery
Robotic systems give surgeons the ability to do more procedures with more tools. In this video, colorectal surgeon Kerrie Bossard, MD, FACS, of Alaska Regional Hospital, explains the benefits of robotic surgery for colorectal conditions.

Robotic assistance gives colorectal surgeons important technical advantages. The procedure allows a very stable view of the pelvis, which is better than with hand-held cameras, which shake. It also gives us binocular vision -- meaning magnified, 3-dimensional views. Third, the instrumentation is “wristed,” which allows for more flexible range of motion during surgery.

While these features are helpful to the surgeons, more importantly, they may translate to better outcomes for the patients undergoing surgery. There are nerves in the pelvis that control sexual and bladder function. This technology may allow more careful identification of nerves and preserve those nerves in the mesorectal plane.

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