How common are gallbladder surgeries?

In the United States, gallstone disease is the No. 1 reason people with gastrointestinal symptoms see a doctor. You probably know someone who has had his or her gallbladder removed. Surgery to remove the gallbladder is called a cholecystectomy. It's one of the most commonly performed operations in the world. Doctors do about 500,000 to 700,000 of them every year—even though less than 1 out of 5 people with gallstone disease do not have symptoms that are considered a "valid reason" (or indication) for surgery. Just having gallstones doesn't always mean you need surgery. Most people with them have no other symptoms and do not need surgery. 

Gallbladder surgeries are very common: More than 750,000 of them are performed each year in the U.S. Most of these surgeries are performed with minimally invasive surgery, either laparoscopic or robotic.

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