How can medications for mental illness affect a person's suicide risk?

The following are how mental illness medications can affect the risk of suicide:
  • Stopping or failing to take medications: People suffering from depression are at high risk for suicide particularly if they are not taking appropriately prescribed medications.
  • As a means: Hoarding one's medications until the person thinks there are enough to commit suicide.
  • As a protective factor: Lithium is used as a protective factor in bipolar disorder (it controls mood swings). Lithium is a common medication for this condition that is effective. Blood testing helps monitor any ill effects of this medication.
  • As a trigger: Poorly controlled symptoms (physician's assessment needed); poorly controlled changes in medications (stopping suddenly; changing medication without correct titration). If a medication is stopped suddenly it can induce psychotic symptoms that may be a risk for self harm.
  • As a contributing factor: Incorrectly prescribed medications (e.g., in a small percentage of people taking some antidepressant medications, symptoms of agitation and suicide ideation must be watched for).

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