What are some dangerous ways that teens try to get high?

Michele Borba
Some things never change: teens have always been risk takers, thrill seekers and want to fit in. But oh the "creative" ways adolescents try to get high these days… like soaking tampons with liquor and inserting them, infusing alcohol into gummy bears and popping them anyplace and anytime, and drinking hand sanitizer. They even have clever ways to store their stash these days like in sandals that come with a handy small canteen and bottle opener on the side, in small flashlights or emptied marking pen holders. But some kid crazes are flat-out dangerous: pouring Vodka into your eye (which could burn your cornea or even cause blindness) or even lethal such as mixing Robitussin DM cough syrup with Sprite and a Jolly Rancher. Many items kids use are right in your home from hairspray, whipped cream, deodorant, glue, nail polish remover, and even cleaning spray. Youtube videos are plentiful and not only sensationalize the craze but provide kids with play-by-play directions.

Many of these crazes are not new, some are trending in only certain geographic areas, and a few are just mind-boggling. Regardless, do let your teen know you're aware of these activities. While there are no guarantees, studies show that when teens know they're being monitored, their risky behaviors often decrease. Meanwhile, keep repeating this mantra to your kid over and over: "Getting high -- no matter how you do it -- has health risks that could be permanent. There are "no take backs."
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