Is there help for military families affected by substance abuse?

George Joseph
Addiction Medicine
Legislation has been introduced by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) that would increase treatment efforts and health-care benefits to military families. McCaskill states, “Substance abuse is a medical problem and to think they can’t get the help they need – or worse, receive punishment instead of treatment – is outrageous.”

The Navy Times reports that The Drug Policy Alliance is attempting to get government agencies to increase prevention efforts for drug overdoses and protocols for the veterans abusing substances and prescription medications, as well as allowing for medication-assisted therapies to treat those people with pain disorders.

In 2010, the Army reported the highest suicide rate according to Veterans for Common Sense. When will this epidemic be considered a true problem? When will the stigma be replaced with education and reform for the members of the military? US military men and women protect America – when will we begin protecting them?

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