As a woman, how can my partner's pornography addiction affect me?

When your partner is preoccupied with porn, your self-esteem can suffer. You may feel hurt that he's paying less attention to you sexually, frustrated by his apparent lack of libido, and even inspired to start "competing" with porn stars yourself -- a tactic that, ironically doesn't always appeal to guys. In a recent article about men and porn in New York magazine, Davy Rothbart writes, "Men, oversaturated by porn, secretly hunger for the variety that porn offers. Women, noticing a decline in their partners' libidos, try to reenact the kinds of scenes that men watch on their computer screens. Men, as a result, get really freaked out. They don't want their real women and their fantasy women to inhabit the same body."
Sudeepta Varma, MD

As a woman, your partner's porn addiction can have a big impact on self-esteem, and also creates feelings of guilt and shame about not being able to please or arouse your partner. Watch psychiatrist Sudeepta Varma, MD, explain this delicate issue.

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