How can I identify harmful substance use or addiction?

James Smith
James Smith on behalf of MDLIVE

You can identify any harmful addiction by being aware of the following indicators:


Early stage

  • Are you able to drink more without feeling the effects?
  • Have you ever had "blackouts" i.e., when there are hours or days you cannot remember?
  • Do you desire to continue use when others stop
  • Are you preoccupied with use?
  • Do you have feelings of guilt about use/morning after regrets?

Middle stage

  • Do you lie about your use?
  • Do you hide your use?
  • Is there an increasing dependence on substance?
  • Do you suffer from persistent remorse or regret?
  • Have there been unsuccessful efforts to control use or abstain from use?
  • Do you use alone?
  • Do you have legal problems related to use?
  • Do you have work/school problems related to use?
  • Do you have problems with family/significant others that are related to use?
  • Do you have financial problems related to use?
  • Do you have physical problems related to use (includes accidents/injuries)?
  • Do you continue to use despite knowledge of problems caused, or exacerbated by use?
  • Have you lost or changed friends?
  • Have you attempted a geographical cure?
  • Do you protect your supply of substance?
  • Do you give up or reduce important social, occupational or recreational activities because of use?
  • Have your promises and resolutions failed?
  • Have you become completely dishonest?

Late stage

  • Have you had an overdose experience?
  • Do you now experience lengthy periods of use or binge patterns of use?
  • Have your ethics deteriorated?
  • Do you have tremors and use substances to relieve withdrawal symptoms?
  • Has your job, family, finances or legal status been more severely affected recently?
  • Do you neglect food, hygiene or health care?
  • Do you have indefinable fears or paranoia?
  • Has your tolerance for drugs/alcohol decreased with little or no change in level of use?
  • Have you physically deteriorated?
  • Are you unable to initiate action?
  • Are you obsessed with use?
  • Are your alibis exhausted?
  • Are you ready to admit defeat?


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