How does the VA therapy for substance abuse work?

Fredrick Wade
Addiction Medicine

It works by being eclectic and multidisciplinary due to the extraordinary variations of presenting problems that vets have as a result of their time in the armed forces in and out of country. I think it is accurate to say that the Veterans Administration (VA) uses a variety of treatment modalities to help affected veterans. They treat all of the basic presentations of substance abuse and dependence, as well PTSD and a variety of co morbid clinical issues in conjunction with substance abuse. They offer long-term services for homeless vets, and those returning from wars that may require ongoing support services. They do a great deal of work with the families of veterans also, as they understand the importance of providing support to the veteran’s family as a means of increasing the success of treatment outcomes for the veterans who present for treatment. Lastly they play a major role in working with veterans in particular those who are dealing with the host of transitional issues they must confront as part of returning to a society in which they often struggle with fitting into again. These essential services not only help the affected veteran, they also help the communities to which they return.

VA therapy for substance abuse is designed to motivate you to quit the habit and help you deal with the triggers that cause you to use. If you and your mate share the problem, the VA therapy will counsel both you about recovery and how to improve your relationship. Therapists can identify a connection between your substance use and other problems such as PTSD and depression and refer you to self-help groups for support.

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