How long will stroke recovery take?

When you start rehabilitation, you will probably notice significant progress on a daily basis. By the time a few weeks have passed, you may have advanced from being unable to sit up to being able to walk independently and take care of yourself. The amount of progress you see and how quickly it occurs depend on the severity of your stroke and the part of the brain affected. If your main problem is moderate muscle weakness, chances are that your recovery will progress more quickly than if you have more severe problems -- for example, language deficits that make it hard for you to understand when therapists and other people talk to you.

Stroke rehabilitation is hard work. Even spending many hours each day for several weeks on repetitive exercises may not produce a full recovery. Most people who need a rehabilitation program are left with some lingering weakness or disability. But for many people, significant recovery is possible. If you start rehabilitation unable to walk because of muscle weakness and severe balance problems, there's a good chance that you will gradually be able to walk on your own at least some of the time, use a wheelchair for the rest of the time, and be self-sufficient enough to wash yourself without assistance.

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