How can I activate my hamstrings after static stretching?

Static stretching is important prior to practice particularly if you have muscle imbalances. A good exercise to activate your hamstrings after static stretching would be a single-leg Romanian deadlift. This not only targets the hamstrings, but also incorporates your gluteal musculature which work hand-in-hand to perform proper hip movement and control the legs. To perform the single-leg Romanian deadlift, stand on one leg with a slight bend at the knee and hip. Bend at the hip while maintaining a slight bend at the knee and lower yourself down towards the ground; with the opposite hand, reach down towards the foot you are balancing on. Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings and bring yourself back up to the starting position and repeat. Perform 1-2 sets, with 10-12 repetitions on each leg. You can also do 10-12 repetitions total (5-6 on each leg) depending on your capabilities.

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