What stretches should I do after jogging for an hour?

Running is a great form of exercise but due to the nature of the prolonged repetitive motion causes over activity of certain muscle groups. Any time muscles are overactive they often become shortened and tight. It is recommended that to regain and restore optimal muscle length you perform stretching exercises.

The best type of stretching post exercises to help restore muscle length is called static stretching. Static stretching is performed by placing a muscle under tension or in the stretch position and holding it for a minimum of 20 seconds. This period of time allows the muscle to relax and provides for better elongation of the muscle.

Following a jog here are 3 exercises that are highly recommended by NASM:

  1. Calf Stretch
  2. Hip Flexor Stretch
  3. Standing Lat Stretch

Perform each exercise for 2 repetitions, holding the stretch for a minimum of 20 seconds.

[media id="DEV__4c84d73d4d4560_52445351" title="Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch"]

[media id="DEV__4c823f376a81c1_21563054" title="Standing Lat Stretch"]

After jogging for an hour, it will be important to perform multiple foam roll and static stretches for your lower body. Running is a repetitive motion and over time can cause overuse injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and hip pain. Having optimal flexibility and range of motion in your lower extremities will be important to minimize these aches and pains.  Try these stretches after your next run.

[media id="DEV__4c8131e64bade3_62571326" title="Foam Roll Calf"]

[media id="DEV__4c813232ab2da1_52832235" title="Foam Roll Front of Hip"]

[media id="PRD__4cc5c14b385c44_18916202" title="Foam Roll Outer Thigh"]

 [media id="DEV__4c8240c5561d40_55319503" title="Wall Calf Stretch"]

[media id="DEV__4c823edca24aa7_53873633" title="Standing Outer Hamstring Stretch"]

Remember to stretch your calves after your run. The calves get so much use during your run that forgetting to stretch them could lead to muscular imbalances down the road.
Susan Moran

It is important to incorporate some Pilates exercises into your workout routine after you run/jog for an hour. It will help to re-align the pelvis and reduce some of the tightness that comes with running, specifically  in the hamstrings, low back and hips. I suggest you  pick 5 pilates exercies to do consistently before and/or after you run,  and note the differences. Performing the same 5 Pilates/Core exercises before will offer a quick but effective "warm up". Give it a try!

Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
It is very important to stretch your hamstrings before and after you run. One of the best stretches to do is a forward bend stretch. You can excecute this move by standing with your feet together while flexing or bending your upper torso from the waist bringing your head and chest as close to your knees and thighs as possible. If you find it too difficult to reach that range of motion, you can modify this move by bending your knees slightly.
Find a park bench or railing and put your left heel up on it. While keeping both legs straight and your left toe pointed straight up put both your hands on your left quad and lean your lower back towards your hands while maintaining a completely straight back. Think long from the top of your head to your right heel. Pull your left toe way back towards your shin to increase the stretch. Hold for 15 seconds and switch sides do two times and then do the airplane stretch on the bench.
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