What are triggers of stress?

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    You may feel stressed in response to external or internal triggers, such as stressors in your life or your own way of relating to yourself. These include:
    • trauma or crises
    • small daily hassles
    • conflicts or unpleasant people
    • barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals
    • feeling little control over your life
    • excessive or impossible demands from others
    • noise
    • boring or lonely work
    • irrational ideas about how things should or must be
    • perceiving that life is not unfolding as you think it should
    • believing you are helpless or can't handle a situation
    • drawing faulty conclusions like "they don't like me" or "I'm inferior to them," or having unreasonable fears of dire events such as being mugged
    • pushing yourself to excel and/or failing to achieve a desired goal
    • placing blame on yourself or others (assigning fault) for bad events
    • realizing you may have been wrong but wanting to be right
    • overreacting to current stress as a result of intense stress years earlier, especially in childhood
    Stress is an individualized experience. What may be stressful to you may not affect someone else. Your past experience, other stressors in your life and even heredity can affect what you experience as stressful.
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