How can I reduce stress caused by technology?

Edward Phillips
Physical Therapy
The modern world fractures our attention into ever-smaller shards. E-mail chimes, iPhones buzz, Twitter tweets, Facebook beckons, land lines and cell phones ring, sometimes in unison and always in the midst of other tasks. To deal with stress caused by technology, start by trying one of these options once a week. Over time, work up to several days—or all seven—by adding another day each week.
  • When working on a task, turn off e-mail chimes, hold calls, and squelch urges to check on your Facebook friends for a planned amount of time, such as one to two hours.
  • Deliberately seek places where you must unplug: a religious sanctuary, yoga class, or swimming laps in a pool.
  • Choose an hour a day when nothing electronic, wired or wireless, can intrude. Unplug phones, turn off chimes, flip on voice mail and let electronic messages arrive unannounced.
  • Better still, pick a longer span of time to unplug and enjoy each moment of peace. During dinner? After sunset? At 10 p.m.? One entire weekend day?

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