How can I deal with the stress in my life?

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    Try as you might, it's not possible, or even desirable, to scrub all stress from your life. Sometimes stress springs from happy situations, such as a wedding or a new baby. And at work, an uptick in stress and anxiety may be mirrored by rises in performance and efficiency—at least for a while. Physical and psychological challenges can add zest to life and deliver satisfying rewards. Often, though, stress is less benign and stems from events beyond your control. You can't change the world around you—fixing the economy, or just convincing your aging parent to take her medication, willing an always-late friend to arrive on time, or persuading your partner to pitch in more around the house probably seem like equally far-fetched possibilities. What you can try to change is your reactions, by taking small steps that enhance your ability to handle stressful situations. In time, you may reap palpable benefits: lower blood pressure, better sleep, and fewer flare-ups of ailments in which stress plays a role.
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    2 vignette 02 beat stress
    Stress can wear you down emotionally, but it can also trigger inflammation that can lead to heart attacks, cancer, and strokes. Watch this video as Dr. Oz offers some tips for beating stress.

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