Surprising Signals That You're Stressed Out

Surprising Signals That You're Stressed Out
Godzilla 2 is set for release in 2018, but talk about it is all over the blogosphere. Seems in the movie, scientist Nick Tatopoulos is determined to show his colleagues that the much-hunted creature is gentle. But when Nick nuzzles up to the big G, its hello roar is so odorific it knocks him off his feet. (No spoiler alert needed; that’s not the whole plot.)
As a scientist, Nick should’ve expected that, because having a revved-up stress response can cause serious bad breath -- and that creature is stressed! Stress hormones help oral bacteria produce stinky sulfuric compounds, and dry mouth -- also associated with stress -- makes things worse.
But bad breath isn’t the only sneaky sign of stress. Researchers at Carnegie-Mellon found stress makes you almost twice as likely to catch a cold. If you’re constantly battling that nighttime-coughing-sniffling-aching feeling, try a chill pill instead of a cold pill.
Dropping things can also signal you’re under stress, because stress disrupts focus. So if you’re constantly dropping stuff, pick up our advice for busting your stress response.
  1. Mindful meditation 10-30 minutes daily.
  2. Move it. Physical activity clears stress hormones—and your mind—reduces inflammation, and relaxes muscles. We suggest a walking program, aiming for 10K a day.  
  3. Avoid inflammation-producing foods; they compound the inflammation stress causes (which leads to greater risk for everything from heart and kidney problems to some cancers). Skip added sugars and syrups, most saturated fat, all trans fats, and any grain that isn’t 100% whole.
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