Why is strength training important to my position as a guard?

Strength training is the foundation for better balance, agility, speed, and power.  Without strength training your abilities will be limited by your muscle's capacity to produce force.  In addition, strength training decreases your risk of injury by increasing your ability to absorb force from awkward landings and hard hits.
Dr. Mike Clark, DPT
As a guard (and generally as an athlete) you need the following athletic parameters to be successful:
1. Flexibility
2. Core strength (muscle that support your spine and hips)
3. Balance (the ability to control your movements)
4. Speed (the ability to move fast)
5. Agility (the ability to adjust your movements quickly)
6. Strength (strong muscles are critical for athletic performance)
7. Cardiovascular Efficiency (the ability for your heart and lungs to work efficiently and effectively for the demands of your sport)
8. Mindset (always compete)
Aaron Nelson
Sports Medicine
Strength training is important for all positions of basketball, but for your position as a guard, you need a strong foundation, speed, agility and power to explode past defenders. The guard position is unique in that you are usually asked to be quick and skillfull to drive past opponents, stop and pull of for a quick shot and defend other quick, strong players. Strength training is crutial to the foundation you build to be able to play the guard position well and to give you an advantage over other guards with a similar skill set.

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