What are the different types of strength training?

Here are the main types of strength training:
  • Plyometrics are quick, explosive moves like jumping up and off the floor from a squat position, or jumping off the floor and landing with both feet on a raised step. These moves help to build bone density, muscle mass and muscle power, while also helping to burn significant calories.
  • Supersets are when you perform two strength training sets of exercises back-to-back without rest – fifteen repetitions of a bicep curl with a few seconds break and then another set of the same exercise. You can also superset two different exercises like a bicep curl and shoulder press, take a break and then repeat the sequence.
  • Circuit training involves moving from one exercise to another, each unique exercise working a different muscle group, until several upper and or lower muscle groups have been exercised. The time you spend at each exercise station needs to be precisely timed, but you can decide if the duration is 30 seconds, 60 seconds or longer (per exercise). The circuit can also include upper and lower body exercises. The circuit needs to be changed every few weeks to prevent boredom and plateaus in weight loss or muscle mass gain. After every few stations, you can add in some cardiovascular exercise stations like jumping jacks or jumping rope.

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