How can I incorporate weight training in my workouts?

Sometimes the best form of weight training is body weight training.  Yes, your body can at times be the best resistance possible.  Best part about this, it’s free, no purchase necessary!  Below are a few exercises to help get your started, remember possibilities are endless:

  • Squats – This form of exercise is great for your lower body.  To start, stand in front of an object that lines up with the back of your knees caps, a chair is ideal.  Next, with your heels towards the chair, sit back as if you were about to take a seat.  Remember, keep your weight in your heels, bend at both your hips and your knees and make sure to keep your shoulder relaxed and down to help keep your back from rounding forward.  Now sit to the point where your glutes tap the chair, yes only tap as you do not want to take a full seat, and return to the starting position. 
  • Push-ups – My favorite exercise and here’s a secret, this exercise is probably your best core exercise you can do!  Push-ups require full body strength so no modified push-up!  Use an elevated surface, you can start with a wall, the end of your table, or even a chair, it will depend on your current level of strength.  From here place your hands on the object and angle your body so you are in a straight line, be sure to keep your hips lined up with your body!  Next, lower your mid-chest to the object you are using, abdominals tights, and exhale as you push yourself up.  Start off with 10 repetitions and increase from there.  Once these get easy, go to an object that is lower to the ground and start your challenge until you are doing push-ups on the ground!

Best of luck!

There are numerous ways to incorporate weight training into your current workout. If you are trying to improve aerobic fitness while improving strength, circuit training could be a good option. This would involve you choosing 8-10 weight training exercises and performing them one right after the other with minimal rest. The exercises will help improve strength while the constant movement from one exercise to the next with minimal rest will help improve aerobic fitness. Also, weight training can be performed with minimal equipment, thus it doesn't require you to have to go to a gym or buy expensive pieces of equipment. Body weight lunges, body weight squats, pull ups and push ups are all forms of weight training exercises because your body weight becomes the resistance against gravity. They are effective exercises that work all the major muscles of the body and can be performed almost anywhere. This could be another easy way to include weight training into your current workout.

There are several approaches to weight training. Most people combine weight training with aerobic activity for a complete workout. It can be as simple as lifting a small set of hand weights in your living room. Or you may want to join a gym or health club where you will have access to a whole array of weight machines and fitness equipment.

Most weight-training programs involve sets of weightlifting exercises. Each set consists of a series of repetitions. When you first start, perform one set each session. Eventually work your way up to three to six sets each session. As you become stronger you will also find that you can lift more weight. Add more weight, a little at a time, as your muscles become stronger.

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