Will I get big muscles if I work out with weights?

You can get big muscles if your nutrition and workout style are set up to allow it to happen. It is a common misconception that working out with weights will cause one to bulk up. In the case of women, it is very difficult for that to occur due to a relative lack of testosterone, the hormone responsible for the greater muscle mass in men. Women can build muscle, but it takes a structured program of increasing volume and intensity as well as a dietary approach that favors gaining muscle and weight. If you are not purposely doing these things, then it is highly unlikely that you would spontaneously build a lot of muscle. For most women, resistance training (using weights) can increase muscle tone and bone mass, burn more calories, improve health, and add shape by strategically building certain areas that you may want to appear more developed (shoulder, arms, butt). Keep in mind that it does not happen accidentally. If a person is eating a calorie-reduced diet to lose fat/weight and includes weight training, it will help to maintain muscle and prevent its loss. This has a beneficial impact on your metabolism, keeping it higher and maximizing your progress. Remember to start with a realistic program that is lower in total sets and exercises and focuses on form and control rather than the weight used. If you are able, there is no problem with periodic use of heavier weights and more intense workouts.

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