How can music help me cope with exercise?

Holly S. Andersen, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Music is a great stress reducer -- if it’s pleasing music to you. Most people could be a lot more physically active if they are listening to music. I have a certain running mix of my very favorite songs that I only let myself listen to when I’m running. It makes me go for a run. When I hear the music, I always feel like running a little bit harder. It makes me very happy.

It’s good to get up, move, walk around, and get your blood flowing. My co-workers also know that I sometimes play music in my office if I need a little quick break. I would never let them see me dancing but I won’t say that it doesn’t happen.
Music will definitely make your exercise more enjoyable. Music can bring amazing motivation and will certainly help the time pass by...especially in cardio!

However, if you find yourself merely "coping with exercise" please consider this. Perhaps you need to find an exercise activity that is more enjoyable. Furthermore, people are much more likely to stick to an exercise regime when they have a firm goal in mind, a clear vision of why they are performing the exercise. If you hate the activity you are participating in then believe me, a live band performing in front of you while you exercise will do nothing to make you "cope" with exercise.

Remember, first establish a health and fitness goal (I'm sure there are more than one) that will motivate you to get up and move. Then find a few activities that you will enjoy, that will help you become consistent with your exercise regime. Then, put together a few playlists that will create a soundtrack to your success!
Music not only helps people to cope and get through exercise, but it also helps people exhibit positive feelings about exercise. It is suggested that you choose your favorite, most upbeat music for exercise. The right music can psyche you up for exercise. If you are focused on your music, you can't be focused on anything else. Music can provide a distraction from anything negative getting in the way of exercise.

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