Why should I listen to music while I exercise?

Struggling to stick to your shape-up plans? Consider working on your soundtrack, too. Add new artists, rediscover old faves, and do whatever else you need to do to keep your workout music fresh and fun. Research proves that a good soundtrack takes the grind out of exercise.

Music does more than serve as a distraction. Studies show it actually gives you a better cardio workout by helping you go longer and stronger without noticing the extra effort.

Listening to good tunes could also have you reaching for heavier dumbbells sooner. That's what researchers found when they put a group of adults on a four-week strength-training program. Those who trained with tunes were pumping out significantly more reps by the end of the program, compared with those who hadn't gotten down.

By now, everybody owns some type of mp3 player, whether it's an iPod or smartphone, so hooking up to musical motivation while working out is automatic for some people. Smart people, that is, because studies have shown that jamming to adrenaline-fueled tunes while exercising, especially when running and performing other cardio routines, helps increase the effectiveness of your workout. It also makes the session go by quicker and more enjoyably.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Every workout should be accompanied by a good soundtrack. Research on exercise motivation has repeatedly proven the benefits of listening to music during exercise. Music not only makes your jogging, biking or yoga routine more enjoyable, it also distracts your brain from the physical stress of exercising. Music leads to less physical burnout, more exercise time and more calories burned. Numerous studies have also connected music with improved mood and energy. It has worked for Olympic athletes, and it will work for you.
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