What are the motives to begin exercising?

Motives to begin exercise generally include family members wanting you to get healthier, friends who want to provide a social environment around exercise, or a spouse/partner who want their loved ones to live a long, active life without disease and illness. Many people who have been diagnosed with a disease or illness finally come to recognize the importance exercise has on their quality of life; being able to live a longer life includes exercise.
Motives are different for everyone.  Some people want to look better for an upcoming wedding, graduation or high school reunion.  Some people have a health concern and without exercising may cause their health to worsen.  Getting your motives through external sources are good initially; however, you cannot depend on them for long term motivation to exercise.  You are not always going to have a graduation, high school reunion to use to help motivate you.  Use the external sources to help get you started and build the confidence to keep you motivated long term.
Motives to start exercising can be tied to values. What do you value in your life? Do you value being able to function and move throughout your day? Do you value being healthy for your family? Do you value having energy each and every day? Many values are tied to exercise and in many instances people do not realize that what they've been doing may be negative or unhealthy and that exercise provides the benefits (value) that they are looking for. 

It's important to understand the benefits of exercise and what of those benefits benefit you personally. For example, I'll be many people do know that exercise can help you sleep better, aid in helping you deal with stressful situations and provide an enhanced mood for longer periods of time.  

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