How can I stay motivated for indoor workouts?

Yes music, videos, books and magazines help but how about looking at this a bit differently. Indoor exercise is time that you get to have for yourself; moments to take care of yourself and be healthy. If you are struggling to stay motivated during indoor exercise this might be the time to:

1. break your workouts up into two workouts

2. invite a friend over and do some partner work

3. do your indoor workouts a couple times a week and then reward yourself with another kind of workout one other day during the week 

4. occasionally rent or borrow a wii and try something new & FUN :-) 

5. find the value/benefit of your exercise; what positive's do you get from it. 
To stay motivated during your workouts indoors or really anywhere you just have to find that one piece that keeps you going. Motivation could be as simple as the music you listen in your workout, having friends workout with you or even your favorite trainer on any dvd. Sometimes it is just the simple things that keep us going. We all have those songs that make us jump up and down when we hear them or even a scent when we smell it reminds us of something special. Remember all you have to do is find that one thing that keeps you going no matter what. The sky is the limit on what you can do. Be determined and stay focused and you can do anything.
Staying motivated for indoor workouts can be tough.  But, there are a few things you can do to keep going:
  • Listen to music that makes you want to move.
  • Watch a program on TV or movie that grabs your attention.
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions. For instance, if you are working out at home there are a million other things that could be happening to take your attention away from working out (phone ringing, kids fighting, etc.). Limit those distractions as much as possible.
  • Add variety. Doing the same thing all the time is boring and definitely doesn't keep any of us motivated. So, spice things up a bit! Try a new type of workout (zumba, yoga, strength training, pilates...) or just use different exercises in your workouts everyday. (I think this is the key factor for staying motivated!)
There are definitely factors that can help motivate for hours upon hours of indoor training. First, I recommend good music. When you have a hard, intense workout to complete you can pick something upbeat that you enjoy. There are also many video and visual distractions you can employ. Some like watching videos of their favorite races or movies, while others are content to watch the daily news. It can often come down to having the right mind-set and environment for those indoor workouts.

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