How do I overcome my barriers to exercise?

To overcome barriers to exercise you have to first become aware of what they are. People find it extremely helpful to keep a journal. For three days write down everything that gets in the way of your exercise. Monday-"a late meeting got in the way"; Tuesday-"felt like sleeping in & later in the day didn't eat"; and Wednesday-"no time." If you look at this you'll notice that there are several perceived barriers getting in the way of exercise. In your three day journal, write down how you could have dealt with each of the barriers. Monday-"workout first thing in the morning"; Tuesday-"sleep in 30 minutes versus 60 and always have food you can grab quickly"; Wednesday-"park my car further from my office or use half of my lunch break for exercise." People think they don't have control over their perceived barriers but realize through writing down their barriers and coming up with a plan for dealing with them, that they do. This gives people a sense of control over what happens in their life. Once you become aware of your barriers, then you can better manage it.

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