How can I avoid workout burnout?

The first question we must analyze is what are you currently doing for your routine? Are you exercising just strength, just cardio or a mixture of both? Hopefully you are doing both!

From here, a great way to add variety will be to spice up your exercise format. Are you working strictly with just dumbbells? If so, focus on using just body weight or resistance bands. Are you just running? Considering rowing or using the stairmaster.

Your routine can be jazzed up anyway you would like. Reply to this post and let me know what you are doing so I can assist you a little further.

The best way to avoid workout burnout is to change up your routine, set new goals and try new fitness and strength activities. Trying new ways to burn calories and step out of your comfort zone can be a great way to keep your interest and boost your workout goals. Try training for a race, taking a new class at the gym, or joining a local intramural sports team.
Also, adding new music can motivate you to workout more and have more fun.

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