How can I look at fitness to make it seem more motivating?

People are motivated by things that they find personally relevant and important. There is no simple solution that can magically make fitness more motivating to you. This decision is a personal one that sometimes requires reflection and introspection about your life goals. To motivate yourself about fitness, you will have to decide that the consequences of leading a fit lifestyle are important to you. A simple, quick review of studies and research will yield a virtual laundry list of benefits that come about as a result of being fit. Some of the reported benefits are heightened feelings of well-being, more restful sleep, feeling more alert, feeling more relaxed, healthy weight management, and better overall appearance. Once you determine how fitness can enhance your life, you will be more motivated to make it a habit.
Whether it's fitness or anything else that you are trying to seem more motivated towards, consider ways to connect things you enjoy to the activity.  For example, if you love music, try creating a playlist of some of your favorites songs and artists and listening to it the next time you exercise. You may start to look forward to the your workouts and the chance to hear the tunes you love.

If you are more outcome oriented, think about the why behind what you are doing.  Identify the real reasons behind participating in a program (for you).  Does fitness mean feeling better overall, having a more positive outlook, being more energetic, being in control of your health and less prone to illness and injury? If your perspective shifts to the positive results fitness can provide and not just fitness as a means to an end, you may become more motivated and really start to enjoy it!
Great question! Developing a positive attitude towards exercise is a key component in mainitining your regime.

As coaches, our job is to help clients identify their underlying motivations for getting in shape, losing weight or becoming more active. Your goal may seeem clear- I want to lose "x" amount of pounds.

However, upon further questioning we may discover that you really desire to have more energy... or maybe a close friend was diagnosed with a health problem and now you realize that you need to make a lifestyle change too. By asking "why" you will begin to uncover your driving force.

Can you see how helpful it is to come to the heart of the matter? By pinpionting the true desired outcome, you can now create a concrete vision. Then specify challenging and measurable goals that will inspire you to reach the desired end result.

Examining your wants and needs is also extremely important in building your fitness and nutrition plan. Eating and exercising for weight loss and eating and training for a road race are different goals that require a different plan of attack.

Knowing your plan and your purpose will help you see fitness though new eyes!
Maybe you don't call it 'fitness' but you call it 'fun'! Words have a funny way of provoking certain emotions. For example, for many people when they think of PE (from high school) it conquers bad thoughts and feelings around (maybe) the only physical activity they've know; which is probably why they are not physically active. 

Find something fun, something you enjoy that's active and do it! Go back into your childhood and think about what things you did that were fun: bicycle riding, basketball, roller skating, hula hooping, etc. For most people there was something that they did when they were a kid that was fun. Why can't you do that activity now? You certainly can! Many adults find enjoyment in an activity they did when they were a kid and they know they can be successful because they once were. 

Look at it as me time. Most people have to give up eight hours a day or more either to there boss or maybe to there own business. Dont you think that you're worth giving time to yourself to be happy,healthy and relieve stress? Just alone motivation can be all the benefits you receive while on an exercise regimen.These are just to name a few. Now go out and take those steps to a healthy lifestyle and stick with it you're worth it!

  • Exercise combats chronic diseases
  • Exercise helps you manage your weight
  • Exercise improves your mood, makes you feel happy
  • Exercise boosts your energy level
  • Exercise promotes better sleep
  • Exercise is a great stress reliever
  • Exercise for (functional)longevity

One can look at fitness , and make it more motivating by incorporating visualization , and by this I mean imagine what is would feel like to be healthier, and stronger, how will you look , feel etc. I use this type of visualization in my own life when I set out enhance motivation in my fitness programs and challenges, and I encourage my clients to do the same.

Motivation is the key.  Keep your fitness routine enjoyable--something you don't mind doing.  Many individuals view fitness routines as simply going to the gym--getting on the treadmill--or lifting weights.  To be honest, this approach may be very motivating to some but completely boring to others.  There is a wide variety of fitness routines, many include aerobics, dancing, cycling....the list is endless.  Consult a fitness professional- find the right fitness program for you- and start enjoying the benefits.  Hope this helps.

Love the question, love the answers but I have to most agree with Phil Holbrook.

It all comes down to vision.  You can not put together a fitness strategy unless you know where you are going.  You cannot use a great GPS advice unless you know where you are going.  Too often people will look at the strategy before understanding a clear vision of what they are wanting.

Why is vision so important?

Because if you don't know where you are going how can you be excited about the journey.  If I tell my wife we are going on vacation but we don't know where we are going she is excited but not as excited if she can visualize where we are going.  If she knows where we are taking a trip she can research, plan and be more excited because she can start to picture it in her mind.

Excitement does lead to motivation because without being excited about something it is hard to do what you have to do to be successful.  If you know where you are going in your fitness, you can clearly see it, believe you can make it and visualize that you are going to be there then it will lead to motivation to carry you through.

A great motivational tool is an incentive to inspire optimum performance during fitness workouts. This incentive can be something as simple as a picture of your child or pet in plain sight (ex. hanging from your necklace or a picture on a shirt) while you're exercising. Having a defined purpose to accomplish any goal is a great fuel source for conserving the desire to achieve success by any means necessary blazing inside of you.

Don't think of fitness as a task. Fitness is not work, although it does pay off with hard work. Think of fitness as an energy booster...strange but true. When I worked my corporate 9-5 I was allowed to hit the on-site gym during my lunch break and it was quite the energy booster. That was especially true after a nice shower. Exercise makes you feel more alive.

Think of fitness as fun. Everything you do with your body in motion is in some way fitness. Fitness includes walking, running, any type of sports, hiking, dancing and so on. You do not have to be in a gym to be doing fitness activities.

Make fitness challenging!  Get with a group of friends and see who can run the fastest or do the most pushups or lift the most weights. Be careful. Practice proper form and technique to avoid injury. If you have any medical conditions seek the advice of a physician before starting any exercise program.

There are a few things you can do to make fitness seem more motivating.

  1. Start viewing fitness as a component of life that has to be met.

    For example, every day we have to eat, drink, and sleep, to stay healthy and alive. We regularly maintain a routine of bathing, grooming, cleaning to keep our bodies and our environment conditioned for daily life. As our lifestyle has become rushed, yet simultaneously more sedentary, many of us have begun to look at fitness as important, but a luxury. It's not a luxury, it's just as vital to our health and wellbeing as any of the activities listed above. Motivating or not, considering fitness a necessity and factoring it into your routine is imperative to good health.
  2. As you incorporate fitness into your lifestyle and your body becomes dependent on the positive effects of fitness, it will naturally become more motivating to work out. You will find that you miss the endorphins and energy gained from fitness on the days that you don't work out. This will in turn motivate you to get back to your fitness routine.
  3. Choosing methods of fitness that are enjoyable to you will greatly increase your motivation. There is no one perfect exercise, just the one that's perfect for you. If you love it, you'll do it, so explore a little. Try out different activities and discover what motivates you. If motivated, you'll be successful. When healthy and confident, everything else follows!

What is your reason for wanting to engage in a fitness program? Is it for your self or is it for someone else? Is it for your children? Do you want to be an example to others? If so, you will benefit and you will have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Once you have determined your reason, do what makes you happy. What do you like to do? Do you like to dance, hike, run, lift weights and challenge your self to be stronger then ever? Is yoga or palates your thing, or maybe you prefer a team sport? 

Being active and fit doesn't have to look any one specific way. Make your fitness program something that is fun for you. 

Looking at fitness as a "rewarding experience" instead of a chore is a one of the best ways for me to make it seem more motivating. Instead of saying, "I have to do this", I tell myself, "I get to see what I can do today!" Getting pumped up for exercise instead of down in the dumps is a sure fire way to get one of the best workouts of your life! Stay positive and see what happens!

Being grateful for any ability I have also helps a ton. I focus on pushing past what I can do instead of focusing on what I can't do. I see what I can't do as a crazy new goal I can work towards and I have fun and laugh if I don't get it down the first time. I focus on the rewards and the benefits to get me through the work.

Challenging myself is another great motivator - if I work out and track my reps in a certain amount of time (tabata's for example) then the next time I go in determined to beat my numbers! I love a challenge and this gets me excited every time!! If it doesn't challenge me - it won't change me and I am not exercising just for the fun of it - I want to be a better version of myself each day. I don't have time to work out just to say I got it in - making a difference is motivating me!

Contact me or post a comment if you need help with motivation - I would love to hear from you!!

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