What should I do if I hate working out alone and no one I know works out?

Two excellent ideas give them a try and let me know how it goes:

  • Group exercise classes – these are a great motivator to everyone.  You will be pushed daily by the instructor.  This may also open the opportunity to meet people similar to you and build some relationships for people to exercise with.
  • Hire a trainer – People do not enjoy spending money, believe me, I am the same way.  However, a trainer might be just the push to get you where you want to be and give you that motivation to exercise on your own.

Hope these ideas help.  Enjoy!

Wendy Batts
This is a common obstacle to increasing your activity. So chances are there are others out there looking for some extra motivation to get moving. There are a lot of options that you have at your disposal to find them; here are a few suggestions…
1. Check out your community parks and recreation catalogs for classes that are often offered at very reasonable pricing. They range from walking, running, sports, group exercise, etc. You’ll find people with similar interests and the accountability of having regular classes that you’ve paid for will help get you there. Find something you enjoy doing and sign up!
2. Check with sporting goods stores, athletic shoe stores, bike shops, etc as they often have running, walking and cycling clubs that meet regularly. Again, pairing a recreation you enjoy with others that also enjoy it will keep you showing up.
3. Search for camp style group classes in your area which range from groups of moms walking with strollers to more intense “boot camp” style exercise.
4. Attend different group exercise classes at your health club and pick one you’ll stick with
5. Seek out the help of a personal trainer, they’ll provide fun and motivation to keep you coming in for your workouts
In short, relating your exercise to people, places and things you enjoy will help keep you motivated and on track!
Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Try a zumba or yoga class.  You’ll be amazed at how fun they are.  You could even join a sports team.  Tennis, soccer, even kickball are great ways to work out and make new friends.  Soon you’ll have a new group of work out buddies.  Either that or the amount of fun you’re having (not to mention how great you look) will be more than enough incentive to get your buddies to join in.

Bootcamps and a variety of group classes at a local gym are a great way to meet new workout or as I call them "battling buddies" along the way. As a personal trainer I love the interaction I have with all of my 1-on-1 clients! We have a relationship like no other in the sense that they know they matter to me and are not alone in their struggles and victories, so that is also a great option to consider. I also instruct bootcamps and have seen the extremely positive impact that takes place when a group comes together for a common cause of taking care of themselves with a fun and motivating exercise class. Everyone's all on the same page, super encouraging and accountable in so many ways. By sharing your story with fellow classmates you will make a difference in others simply by helping yourself.  Explore all options (Personal training, Virtual Online training, bootcamp or group classes in your area) and step out of your comfort zone so you can find what you are looking for and so much more!!

Susan Moran
I highly recommend Group fitness classes or  group yoga classes. Go to a class that is high energy, with a fun teacher who motivates the class with their experience and love for the method they are teaching. You will go out of your way to make it to this class. "Energy creates energy". On the days that you don't want to go,  the energy of the group class will  motivate you and change your whole frame of mind, not to mention  your body.  If one class doesn't work, DON"t  give up, try another teacher. You will feel amazing once you have found the teacher that "works" for you! Good Luck!
Group fitness classes are a great way to meet others who enjoy the same type of workouts as yourself.  There are a large variety of classes offered from kickboxing and boot camp to zumba and pilates.  If those types of classes are not for you, find out which personal trainers provide group training.  Also if you go to the gym at the same time of day, you will find that others have the same routine. By sharing equipment and asking others about their work out, it won't be long before you know others who already come regularly. 
Have you considered participating in a group fitness class at your local health club or YMCA? Another option would be is to find a bootcamp or an organized recreation league for your favorite sport.
There are many reasons people hire a personal trainer. One of these reasons is for 'support' and companionship. 

If your thinking about starting a workout program includes joining a gym, there are several ways of working out with other people. If you are joining a gym particularly for social support it may be good to 'check out' gym facilities to see what type of environment is best for you. The gym itself usually has a lot of other people around or a group exercise class may be helpful in getting you started. 

It may be that no one your know works out but are there people who want to work and and also hate working out alone. There are probably several people around you for example at work who are in a similar place. It might be helpful to check in with people in your life to see who is also interested in starting a workout program and wanting to work out with others. You might even go so far as to get that started: walking group, biking group, etc.  
You can also post flyers throughout your neighborhood stating that you are interested in finding a couple of people interested in working out.  That way if several people respond you can even create a workout group and maybe even alternate workout buddies.  This way you can continuously support each other.
Post a note on the board at your gym or Craigslist for a workout partner or pick an activity you want to improve at and join a group. With the Internet nowadays there are groups of any and every activity you could think of, so put yourself out there and meet some new people.

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