How can exercising in a group help me stay with my program?

Most people are social creatures and do better when in a group setting. Studies have shown that being a group setting improves exercise adherence, and people are more likely to work out hard and enjoy it more when they work out in a group setting. By being with other people you’re more likely to show up because people rely on you to be there, and you’re more likely to push yourself if the people around you are pushing themselves too. 

Exercising in a group can be a powerful social experience and source of support, inspiration and accountability.

Sometimes being uncomfortable with our body and perception of ourselves can leave you feeling isolated. Exercising with a group of like minded people with similar physical capabilities and goals can be very uplifting. In a group, no one gets left behind.

When you have a group of people working towards health and fitness goals together, there will be plenty of inspiration to pass around, to celebrate the victories or support each other to move past the plateaus. When one of the group experiences some success it will inspire the rest of the group to take further action, to work harder, and to be more disciplined. When someone falls behind a little, the group will work together to solve the problem and keep everyone moving towards a goal, TOGETHER. It becomes a team of goal oriented people engaging in actions that leads towards success.

The social experience of a group will help keep a high level of accountability. Let’s be honest, sometimes we find it very easy to deceive or disappoint ourselves. When you are a part of a “team” you will be far less likely to disappoint your peers by being late, not performing at your best, or even worse, quitting. In a group setting it is far less likely to get left behind and not reach your goal.

Many times exercise classes or even walking the neighborhood with a special group of friends helps you to stay with your program as opposed to exercising alone. The social support of friends or classmates encouraging you as you get through the daily routine can help your compliance to the program, as well as make it more fun. Check with your local “Y” or fitness center for group exercise classes. Depending on the type of pain and your personal preference, you may find classes in low-impact aerobics, stretching, step aerobics, jazzercise, and more.  

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