Stage 1 Basal Cell Carcinoma

What are the symptoms of stage 1 basal cell carcinoma?

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  • The main symptoms of stage 1 basal cell carcinoma are skin growths that develop on areas of sun-exposed skin, like the head and neck. Often, stage 1 basal cell carcinomas start out slowly, as little red or white shiny bumps that are no more than 2 centimeters in diameter. The tumors generally grow very slowly, so they're sometimes not easily noticeable. Sometimes, stage 1 basal cell carcinomas will alternate between scabbing and bleeding, which makes people think they're just a sore. Other times, the growths will form flat scaly patches that may be brown or red. Stage 1 basal cell carcinomas may also have visible blood vessels around the growths, especially when they're on the face or neck.

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