What is a sports injury?

A sports injury is any injury, acute or chronic, that occurs because of participation in or training for any sporting event. This type of injury can arise from the following: lack of conditioning when starting to train/prepare for participation; inadequate muscular strength; poor cardiovascular health; over use from too much training; physical trauma (collisions, slides, trips, uneven surfaces, falls, and over exertion) that may occur   during the sporting event or practice.

When a sports injury occurs, you should begin treatment with the application of ice for 20 minutes, elevation and if possible some compression to the area. Seek out professional evaluation of the injury to allow yourself the best chance for a quick and full recovery. 

A sports injury is an injury that occurs during a sporting event or during training for a sport. Sports injuries can be acute, from contact or other trauma. They can also be chronic, building up over time from repetitive motions/stresses. It is usually best to address them with rest, ice, compression and elevation. For more severe situations or if your injury does not seem to be getting better, visit your professional health care provider.
Aaron Nelson
Sports Medicine
A sports injury is any injury that occurs in the participation of a sporting activity. Whether on a field, court, track, rink, cross country or in a ring, an injury can occur and be classified as a sport injury. The injury can be acute(injury happens immediately through contact or stress/strain) or chronic(injury happens over time through repetition).
Jennifer A. Baima, MD
Neuromuscular Medicine
The most widely recognized sports injuries occur in an instant, when an athlete absorbs an unexpected blow. Most people do not realize that sports injuries, such as tendinopathy, also can occur from repetitive use during running, jumping, lifting weights and sports. While it is the acute injury that gets most of the attention, being aware of common injury patterns will help to prolong an athlete’s ability to enjoy playing sports at any age. For example, the most common sports injury is an ankle sprain. Often, this turns into a vicious cycle when ankle ligaments are stretched out and become too loose to work and hold the ankle joint in the right position for running. But with the proper care and treatment, an athlete’s performance will not suffer.

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