What workout can I do to get faster on my bike split?

Perform a workout where you work for 4x12 minutes at your sub threshold power range with 3 minutes rest. This is a 90 minute workout from start to finish and it is a hard 90 minute workout at that. Sub-threshold is just below your lactate threshold. Specifically your sub-threshold range is 86-90% of your field test power or 92-94% of your field test heart rate. This is likely close to or just below your race pace. Twelve minute intervals are just long enough to tax your aerobic energy system to create positive adaptations systemically- and just short enough to keep you focused on your effort at hand. It’s not easy, and these 12 minutes will give you ample practice at focusing on power and cadence and silencing the naysayer in your head. They will also not produce so much residual fatigue between efforts, so you are able to accomplish 48 minutes of total work at your sub-threshold range without feeling wasted for your next workout. As for the 3 minute recovery- this is just enough time to relax your brain, your legs and your heart. In 3 minutes you will circulate out the accumulated lactate from the effort (even though you are working below lactate threshold and metabolizing mostly fat, some lactate is produced as a byproduct of burning carbohydrate). Three minutes is enough time to circulate the lactate rich blood from your legs through your heart and lungs and back to your legs free of lactate. In addition, your heart rate will come back down to your endurance zone and you will get a mental recovery from staring at your SRM or powermeter. In this workout you will produce 48 minutes at sub-threshold with only 9 minutes of recovery between efforts. The last two efforts simulate the final section of the race course. You are tired, you don’t know if you have any more left in your legs- and you dig deep and find it.

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