What muscles are important to work for snow skiing?

The core and legs are used the most during skiing, so exercises that work the core, thighs (quadriceps), inner thighs, and glutes should be a priority during training. However, it is important to train the entire body, because the body functions as a unit not as individual muscles in isolation. The core is the center of the body and where movement begins. It is important to have a strong core because it provides stability, deceleration of force, and force production during skiing. Perform two-leg floor bridge and prone-iso abs to train the core, and squats, side lunges, and leg curls to train the legs. To perform the two-leg bridge, lie on your back with the knees bent and feet flat on the ground about hip-width apart. Start the movement by pushing through the heels and driving the hips up in the air; hold at the top and then slowly return to the ground. To perform the prone-iso abs, or plank, lie on your stomach with the elbows under the shoulders and the forearms on the ground. Lift your body up until you are in a flat back position, hold and then return to the ground. Perform 1-2 sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise, holding at the top position for 2 seconds and using a slow tempo. If you are new to leg training, perform 2-4 sets of 12-20 slow tempo repetitions using light weights for the squats, lunges, and leg curls to prepare the lower body for skiing.

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