What is a good stretch for my calves for board sports?

To stretch the calves for board sports, first foam roll the area for 30 seconds, then perform a standing static calf stretch for 30 seconds. Foam rolling form of self-massage which applies pressure with a foam roller to the calves for 30 seconds. This breaks up adhesions, or "knots", in the muscle and relaxes the muscle to allow for a better static stretch. Next, perform the standing static calf stretch, ensuring that you hold the stretch for 30 seconds and complete 1-3 sets. To stretch the calves, stand with your feet staggered a few feet away from a wall. Put your hands on the wall for support and resistance and push against the wall with the front leg bent and the back leg completely straight. Lean into the wall and keep the back heel on the ground until you feel a stretch develop in the calf. Make sure the back foot is straight ahead and activate the core. For a pre-game routine, use a foam roller on the calf, but follow the foam rolling with dynamic calf stretches. An example of a dynamic stretch is the standing body weight calf raises using a step to allow for full range of motion. Using a 1 second down, 1 second hold in the stretch position, and 1 second up. Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions of this dynamic stretch.

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