What exercises help with improving my power clean?

 Here's some suggestions of total body exercises as they relate to improving certain phases of the power clean: A.) First Pull or moving the bar off the ground - This phase is usually assisted greatly by increasing our back squat strength.  We can assist the second half of this pull with Romanian Deadlifts also.  B.) Second Pull or the truly explosive phase - Hang Clean Pulls and Hang Cleans put major emphasis on this most dynamic phase of the power clean.  Box Jumps and other plyometrics that demand triple extension of the hip, knee, and ankle are also good additions to a training program to help this phase of the lift; and C.) The Receiving Position or the finished or racked position - Front Squats will need a little more attention to improve this final phase of our over clean.  Some other advice would be to segmentally train our power clean from 2nd pull and then incrementally add segments of 1st pull as we iron out any kinks in technique.
Eric Beard
Sports Medicine

Keeping the spine neutral and driving from the hips is critical during Olympic Lifts such as the Power Cleans.  

For a basic approach a stability ball hip bridge is an effective teaching tool to promote core stability and hip mobility. If someone cannot bridge effectively then they probably can’t deadlift, swing or clean correctly.

Once we have core stability and hip mobility we can focus on total body explosiveness by using plyometric lower body drills or total body medicine ball exercises.

Kettlebell Cleans can also help to improve power clean technique .Using a kettlebell can help people to do this with only one hand on the kettlebell vs. two hands on a barbell. This may be easier to learn all three phases of the lift. The kettlebell deadlift and swing are precursors to the clean. Start with the basics then progress to the clean. 

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