What are beginner balance exercises for snow skiing?

Beginning balance exercises for snow skiing are the single-leg Romanian deadlift exercise and the single-leg lift and chop. These types of exercises help increase joint stabilization and prepare the body for more advanced balance exercises. When performing these balance exercises, complete 1-3 sets of 6-12 repetitions per leg and use a slow tempo. You can rest anywhere from 0-90 seconds between the sets. The goal of these exercises is to maintain control of the movement and also to work on endurance of the stabilizing muscles used for balance. To perform the single-leg Romanian deadlift, stand on one leg with the other foot lifted and floating next to the foot on the ground. Slowly bend at the hip and reach toward the foot on the ground, pause, and slowing return to a standing position. To perform the single-leg lift and chop, stand on one leg with the other foot lifted and floating next to the foot on the ground. Hold a light medicine ball with both hands at the outside hip of the foot that is down; start the movement by slowly taking the ball from the side and bringing it up above the opposite shoulder. Pause at the top of the movement and then slowly return to the starting position. For both exercises, make sure you are using the core by drawing-in the stomach, and if you lose your balance use the lifted foot to stabilize yourself. Once you have master the basic movements, progress by using less stables surfaces like a half foam roll, airex pad, or dyna disc under the balance foot.

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