What are basic exercises to help with jumping in snowboarding?

Basic exercises to help with jumping are the squat jump with stabilization and the side box jump-ups with stabilization. Plyometric exercise, or jump training, simulates the demands of board tricks and teaches your body to cope with impact. Use the following acute variables when performing plyometric training: 1-3 sets of 5-8 repetitions of 1-2 exercises. Use a controlled landing, holding the position you land in for 3-5 seconds. Rest 45 seconds between sets. To perform the squat jumps, engage the core by drawing-in the stomach to the spine, squat down, and then explosively jump up. Land softly in a squat position and hold. Make sure when squatting and landing to keep the back flat, toes straight, and knees in line with the tip of the shoes. To perform the side box jump-ups with stabilization, begin by standing sideways next to a box. Jump on to the box sideways and land softly holding the position. By performing these exercises you will improve your landing mechanics, body alignment, and jumping efficiency.

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