What are two swim sets to get me ready for race season?

Workout #1: Sprint Time Trial

Warm up 10-20 minutes

Main Set:  Swim 3 x 100, with 20 second Rest Interval. Goal is to swim the highest sustained speed over all three 100s, so you have to pace yourself. Get your time for each 100. The times for each 100 should be within 5-10 seconds of each other.  Average the three times.

This is your T-pace, which is used for speed work (e.g., swim 2 x 200 @ T + 2 seconds).

If you are preparing for an International Distance race, swim 3 x 300, with 30 second Rest Interval.  The times should be within 15 seconds of each other. Average the three times, then divide by 3 to get your 100 time.

Workout #2: 1100 Speed Work

Warm up: 200 Freestyle

Main Set:
200 @ T-Pace + :05 (Rest Interval: 30 sec)
3 X 100 @ T-Pace (RI: 15 sec)
1:00 Rest
6 x 50 Odd lengths Easy, Even lengths Fast (RI: 20 sec)

Cool down: 100 Freestyle
Endurance Set. Warm up: 500-800 meter swim with some pick ups/accelerations. Rest outside of the pool for 2-3 minutes (imagine a race director shouting incomprehensibly on a bull horn). Hop back in and GO! 200 meters all out- imagine those feet and arms pummeling you as you fight for a good position in the pack. Take a 15 second rest (just enough to catch your breath as if you found the perfect feet to draft) and then perform 12x100 meters (or 6x200 meters) at race pace. Take 5-10 seconds rest. Finish off with 100 meter sprint kick to get some blood flow to the legs getting them ready for the bike (and simulating the sprint up the beach). Lactate Tolerance Set. Again practice your pre-race warm up then performn 20x50s on a consistent send off, allowing for 15-20 seconds rest. For example, if you are swimming 40 second 50’s with 20 seconds rest, the send off is 1 minute. If your 50’s drop to 43 seconds, you only get 17 seconds rest. The goal here is to maintain consistent times (you have to work to earn your rest).

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