How should I spot a traditional deadlift?

A spotter can do a few things for the lifter.  First off, keeping the platform or lifting space clear is priority #1. A lifter shouldn't have to worry about anything else except the task at hand, the spotter can ensure everything is in it's proper place and stays that way until the lift is complete. An encouraging word or useful cue is always welcomed also. Spotters should keep it simple and direct. Unless there is an obvious risk to induce injury, the spotter need not over analyze things, just let the lifter perform. As far as spotting for a deadlift, there are a few rules to live by: 1.) Never just grab the bar; 2.) Stay out of the lifters field of vision; and 3.) Communicate with the lifter on what you are doing to assist with the completion of the rep(s). The direct application of a spot for the traditional deadlift, lats the spotter on the side of the lifter. The spotter is to place one hand on the low back and then un obstructively insert the forearm with palm down or in a clenched fist against the chest, yet above the shoulder.  As the hand presses firmly against the low back, the other arm is to be a brace to ensure the chest stays up. The intention is to maintain a flat back not to lever the lifter up in order to complete the lift. The closer the spotter stays the better for reasons to provide a better spot and to ensure the  spotter's feet are clear of the barbell should it be released accidently by the lifter. This is an important point and reverts back to the initial duty of the spotter - keep the lifting area clear throughout the entire lift. (this is from Phillip, we can use this info if we want, there really is no agreed upon way to spot a deadlift this explanation is as good as anything I'd probably write).

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